Winter Garden Musing

Unexpected sunshine with warm breezes arrived this February day in the Mid-Atlantic region.  How glorious!   Abandoning my inside chores, I took to the garden. While there,  a poem emerged. After yard work, supper,  and shower I put it to paper.

I went to my Garden to set Her free 
of piled up leaves and wind-blown debris.

"I’ll bring forth weeds and thorns, she teased.  
“But I’ll give you blooms; I think you’ll be pleased.”

And as I worked, I saw something new.  
Yes, up from the dirt a shoot pushed through.

I had to inquire. “Are you weed or a bloom?   
Shall I pluck you out or give you more room?”

And the Garden spoke, “Let that little one be.   
Leave it there and watch and then you’ll see.”

Since I think that my Garden is wiser than me,   
I did as She asked. So...... we shall see.

All the Best, Brigid