Sunrise Cacophony

Morning, 7 AM
Sitting alone in my kitchen;
Warm, for a winter’s day;
Window’s now open;
Birds chirping at the sunrise;
Vivaldi on the FM.
This sleepy, concert attendee
Sips coffee and wonders what
This new day will bring.

And then, I start thinking of:
You and the job you hate, and
You with the new diagnosis, and
You, running out of money before the end of the month – again, and
You, who know you are stuck, but options elude you, and
You, pondering divorce, and
You, pondering suicide, and
You, feeling crushed by a bitter disappointment, and
You who can’t get to work because the
Local politicians with municipal budget woes
Canceled your neighborhood bus route
Just when your car was repossessed, and
You who would follow your doctor’s orders
If you could just afford the prescription, and
You, alone and afraid, and
You, unable to tell someone, anyone
What’s really going on in your life, and
You who must survive another day of
Dropping bombs, and
You who try to dodge them.

Sometimes, when I am alone and very quiet,
I can hear the crying.
Not everyday, you understand;
Just at certain times of the year.
When the energies of the
Sun, sky, moon, stars and
Some unnamed, mysterious force
Sound waves,
Moving away from their sources,
This painfully exquisite moment
Can be experienced by anyone, I think.
On such days, if one is quietly and reverently observing
Just as the upper edge of the sun appears over the horizon,
An ethereal contradiction is revealed:
The bliss and promise of a new day in juxtaposition to the
Ongoing suffering in the world.

Each time I experience this,
I am stunned and
Cannot speak of it.
How can this elderly heart withstand,
Much less survive,
Holding this in full awareness?
An intimate relationship with the world’s suffering,
For any sustained period of time is

As much as I have criticized them,
Distractions have value:
Reality TV, Game apps, sex, and shopping
Drugs, the latest X, and the newest Y
More sex,
Over-scheduling, busy – busy - busy
Trying to solve A, when we know that
B is the REAL problem, 
...and all of the other
Imaginative and sometimes
Desperate measures we employ to
Survive the unbearable truth that
Occasionally seeps into our awareness.
Dear One, 
I understand.
I do it too.

Wait -
If we are all 
Numbing ourselves with distractions,
How does “change” occur?
How do conditions improve?
It must be that over the millennia,
Saintly, heroic, Herculean, and
Spiritually powerful souls have
Walked this Earth,
Heard the cries of the suffering,
Breathed in the contradiction, and
Surrendered to instructions from the ether.
Willing to be used as an
Instrument for social change, they were
Mandela, Gandhi, King, and a few other
Major players on the world stage.
But then -
What is my part?
What is your part?
Is there anything we should be doing?

Hmmm. I do not have a 
Satisfactory answer yet. 
This may require our 
Collective consideration.
I'll put the kettle on.

All I know is
One must be very careful about
Participating in a morning cacophony
Produced by the energetic convergence of
Sunrise, backyard birds, Vivaldi and the
Provocative forces of nature that

All the Best