A paycheck has reached my hands or my direct deposit account on a steady basis (thankfully) for fifty years.  The work I performed in a variety of settings  (Corporate America, non-profits, private practice, and local governmental agencies) sustained me and my family.

The decision to retire was made in early July 2016.  It became official in mid-January 2017. Thirty days into it,  I can happily report that the decision still sits well with me and the timing was perfect!

With any change,  desired or not, there are adjustments. Yes, we are all individuals and we have unique experiences.  And yet somehow we often discover that there are universal themes that we have in common.  This blog will be where I can record the joys and mishaps of my retirement.  It is not my intention for any material I post to be offensive to the reader.  So I intend to write authentically, but carefully…mindful of the reader.

I suspect this blog  will eventually become a meandering collection of poetry, commentary, questions, and insights.   The writing of it will satisfy the creative impulses that stir within me.   What pleasure it would bring to learn that the reading of it offered someone comfort, reassurance, revelation, or respite.

I am Brigid and can be reached at seeingthroughthechanges@gmail.com

You can navigate this site using the links at the top of the page.  To send me a message, select Contact. To read my postings, select Blog.   Items listed on the right of the page allow you to locate all posts and categories.

All the Best,


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